Our Vision

KimboCare’s vision is a world in which access to quality and affordable care is a reality for all.


We believe true financial empowerment starts with the right to access quality healthcare. Our mission is to empower vulnerable populations around the world, especially women and children, to have access to healthcare and live healthier, longer. We are united through our aim to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals by promoting community health, well-being, and gender equality.

Why we created KimboCare

KimboCare starts with the story of two African immigrants who had to care for their loved ones back in Africa while studying and working in the USA and Europe. We, like millions of immigrants around the world, transferred money back home to help loved ones pay medical bills but got frustrated at the lack of transparency around the actual use of the money and at the inability to ensure that they timely got the quality of care their health condition deserved. With KimboCare, we say no more.

Immigrants work very hard to thrive in culturally challenging environments and see their dreams come true. Staying connected to their families back home and tending to their healthcare needs should not undermine the outcomes of their efforts. That’s why we created KimboCare. KimboCare’s technology platform allows immigrants to purchase cost-effective preventative and curative care services (Health Credits) and donate them to their loved ones as they go. You donate as much and as often as you want, no commitment to monthly premium payments as one would do with insurance.

In support of our mission, KimboCare also works with organizations to enable better access to quality care at community level. We design and deploy health programs around select medical conditions, especially preventative care, to educate and enable people to live healthier and thrive in other aspects of their lives.

How patients gain healthcare access

“Once our customers name their loved ones as beneficiaries of their health credits, prepaid medical services, online directly on our platform, KimboCare informs the patient through a text message or a phone call with critical information, including the name of the local medical partner to visit.

KimboCare aims to develop a network across developing regions and underserved communities. As a starting point, we partner with thoroughly vetted medical partners (hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers) in several countries across Africa: Kenya, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.”

Our technology-enabled holistic approach

Our Swiss-made technology platform enables our customers worldwide to purchase medical care in the form of “health credits”, our innovative concept, for patients with limited financial means; those patients in turn use those health credits at dedicated medical partners in developing regions.

We leverage blockchain, mobile and bigdata technologies to offer a holistic solution to our clients, patients and medical partners. Additionally, we engage with our medical partners and other local organizations to understand critical social determinants and integrate them in the design of the KimboCare platform and of the health programs we deliver.



Enable healthcare access anytime, from anywhere
Contribute to care delivery up to health credits purchased
Enjoy real time traceability of medical services delivered


Have access to highly competent medical providers and doctors
Benefit from an exceptional care experience
Gain access to regular preventive care and affordable treatment bundles

Medical partners

Optimize processes, from payment to healthcare delivery
Service a bigger, all-income audience
Enhance quality monitoring and fraud prevention
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