Les défis de la santé préventive en Afrique

L’accès aux soins de santé dans les pays en développement demeure une problématique préoccupante. Au lendemain des indépendances, plusieurs pays africains, dans une logique socialiste, décident de promouvoir un accès gratuit aux services publics, notamment aux services de santé. Cependant, la récession économique qui sévit dans les années 70 et 80, conduit les institutions internationales et les gouvernements à revoir leur système de fourniture gratuite des soins.

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Dans la tête d’un KimboCare enthousiaste

La rédaction d’AFFY est allée à la rencontre de M. Franck TIAMBO, Risk Manager dans un cabinet international basé à Zurich et Co-founder de KimboCare. Il nous partage avec grand plaisir son parcours professionnel depuis ses études en actuariat.

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Family Challenges as a KimboCare Entrepreneur

As a social impact entrepreneur, my mission is to create tangible, lasting social impact in communities most in need of change. Over the years, I have worked with numerous startups. Most recently, I launched KimboCare, where we enable philanthropists to fund access to quality care for financially underserved populations. It’s been a highly rewarding experience, especially because I get to share it with my loved ones, most notably my wife.

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provisional patent

Can you foster growth with a Intellectual Property strategy? Yes you can.

KimboCare has obtained a “provisional patent” for its novel “Health Credits” concept, hitting a major milestone on our growth strategy. Deciding what to patent and timing to file, was confusing and somewhat daunting, until we understood why we had to. In this article, we’re sharing our own journey with the hope it helps fellow founders out there, navigate the way towards protecting their inventions.

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Man on a bike

Africa’s “new normal” is in the hands of its private sector

The entire world has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The effect of COVID-19 pandemic on Africa is yet to unfold, and could be dreadful. Many developing nations are not well positioned to control the outbreak. Issues like food insecurity and lack of drinking water compound the problem.

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Africa COVID-19 challenge

One size fits all? The Africa COVID-19 challenge

With every corner of the world now impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, we can’t help but think about the effects on the poorer regions. African countries are struggling to control the COVID-19 outbreak in the face of higher rates of poverty and insufficient healthcare infrastructure. 

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