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May 2, 2022Send care not moneyKimboCare Content Team
2022-05-02T14:13:00.000Z2022-05-02T14:13:00.000ZTogether, let's bring transparency to healthcare access

6/6 Send Care, Not Money Series

You want to know what makes this journey so special? It is the fact that KimboCare goes beyond you landing a hand to your loved one. We are in a world it has become clear that health inequities are reality and addressing them is the most urgent priority. As KimboCare empowers the traceability of payment and delivery of healthcare services, individuals and organizations will direct more funds towards improving access to good healthcare (especially preventive care) for millions of patients around the world. Learn more about KimboCare’s efforts to drive tangible health impact at community level.

We are building a movement, one in which we empower people to take charge of their health and seek care in time. Preventive care reduces the risk of chronic and disastrous health conditions, as you know. Top up your account today and support your family as you go. Don’t know how to do it? We’ve got you covered, check out our quick and simple guide on how to send health credits to a loved one.

When your loved ones are healthy, guess what happens? They take care of themselves better - they go to school; they go to work. You worry less, you are healthier. So I have a little gift for you -KimboCare gives you 25% extraon your first purchase of health credits, sign up at app.kimbocare.com and use the code Kimbo25 at checkout.

I leave you with something to celebrate - KimboCare is a Top25 startup in digital health by Galen Growth, the global leader in digital health intelligence, and we are determined to keep up the momentum. It takes a village to build something great, join the movement!

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