New technology looking to shape healthcare access arrives in Kenya

July 15, 2022Business productKimboCare Content Team
2022-07-15T12:00:00.000Z2022-07-15T12:00:00.000ZKimboCare now available in Kenya

Originally published by Solomom Koko in The Nairobian - New technology looking to shape healthcare.

Kimbocare, a healthcare technology that aims to digitize medical care has come up with a system that allows one to purchase and transfer medical credits. The technology also allows you to finance healthcare for the less privileged remotely. This technology comes as a relief to thousands of working and financially stable individuals who are willing to finance health provisions for the less privileged in the society.

Traditionally, people paid healthcare bills for their loved ones using cash pay-outs, this proved inefficient due to lack of a system that could effectively monitor and ensure the funds are put into the rightful intended use. So how does it work?

With KimboCare, no money is transferred, but rather Kimbos. A user buys medical credits called Kimbos, which you can in turn transfer to another person, specifically for access to quality health care services in a functional and easy-to-monitor form. This health technology used in developed and developing countries, uses a mobile phone app that is easy to use. Once an account is created and points loaded, the user picks their preferred health module to donate from a list provided and their respective claim points.

For one to send credits, the user is then required to fill up contact details of the beneficiary as well as select the desired treatment bundle ranging from primary to specialist care. There is a detailed description of each medical service included in each care bundle on the platform, so the sponsor knows that they are meeting the needs of the beneficiaries or patients.

Once a user provides details of their preferred support plan, they then input the payment method of choice, in the easy to navigate system which also contains a body of information complete with a list of associated healthcare providers. Upon completion, the credits are delivered directly to the KimboCare providers showing the service received plus the credit balance used up. The remaining health credits are still transferable to another beneficiary or usable by the owner making it fairly economical and unique. Monitoring all these transactions just clicks away is a key benefit to

KimboCare users due to its accountability and traceability. One beneficiary, Cate Gichuhi notes that, ''we can actually have a look at the app and see what is going on at any time. It's super practical and above all, a very reliable system.

''This has eased my worry about sending money for my mom's medical care. It shifted my perceptions of medical care back home as I was never happy with the quality of service my mom was receiving. This new service is highly organized and really makes me feel comfortable continuing to use it,'' another beneficiary said. KimboCare technology is looking to transform healthcare in Africa. Having been successfully tested and proven in two African countries, Cameroon and Cote d'Ivoire, the Health App is now available to the Kenyan /Kenyan Diaspora market.

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