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Over the past few decades, technological innovations (artificial intelligence, mobile technology, drones, etc.) have enabled significant advances in digital health in Africa. These advances have made the management of patients’ access to healthcare faster, more reliable, and more efficient. 

KimboCare’s work is part of this revolutionary move in the African health system, and answers the question of how to pay for healthcare for impoverished individuals. KimboCare intends to play a key role in the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting Good Health and Wellbeing in developing countries. We explain how we fulfill this goal in detail below.

A Way To Send Healthcare Directly To Your Loved Ones

Most people want to know how to send money to Africa and their loved ones who live there. But there are not many solutions that don’t come with relatively high fees attached, or that don’t allow for the chance that the money will not be used for health care purposes.

KimboCare is the ultimate solution for this problem. It is a digital platform that allows people living abroad to acquire “health credits” for their loved ones faced with a financially vulnerable situation back home in Africa (e.g., Kenya, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, etc.). These health credits allow those loved ones to benefit from a consultation delivered by a highly competent general practitioner or a specialist and much more. 

Since the end of 2019, KimboCare has been operational in Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon, and has established partnerships with local medical and paramedical structures. Through its missions and values, KimboCare focuses on three essential elements for a sustainable access to healthcare:

 1. Transparency And Immediate Access To Care

Thanks to its integrated, advanced technologies, KimboCare keeps you informed about your loved one’s medical journey, which means you know exactly what your assistance is being used for. In addition, KimboCare notifies the medical facility in advance of the patient’s arrival, ensuring your loved one is taken care of immediately without having to endure long waiting lines. The accelerated speed of care allows our patients to easily take time out of their day to visit the hospital, encouraging future initiative for more regular visits.

2. Quality Of Care

Another element of the utmost importance to KimboCare is quality of care. Studies have shown that a poor patient experience can constitute a major obstacle to care access and health recovery. How many times have you had your loved one go to a hospital and be transferred over and over again because the technical infrastructure is insufficient or there is a lack of trained medical staff? Thanks to our innovative solution, however, it is now possible for those people dear to you to be cared for in a state-of-the-art medical facility by competent doctors, and to receive treatment or recommendations adapted to their pathology.

3. Preventive Health

KimboCare’s ambition is to encourage a more proactive approach to health. An example of a proactive health approach is allowing people to get regular check-ups to catch silent diseases. Due to limited financial means and other factors such as religious beliefs, many Africans (and people living in other financially vulnerable regions) tend to wait too long before they seek care and eventually find themselves faced with exorbitant medical bills. How many times have you gotten a call or whatsapp asking for urgent help because your loved one is in a very uncertain health condition and the hospital is billing thousands of dollars or euros to even admit them into the emergency room or reanimation block? How many times have you wished they hadn’t waited for such a serious condition before calling you for help?

With KimboCare, a relative living abroad can now pre-purchase medical care and send it as a gift to a loved one back in their home country in Africa. Such services can be as basic as a general health check-up or a consultation with a certified doctor as soon as the first symptoms of disease appear in order to avoid any risk of complications and burdening medical expenses.

Aim For A Healthier Future For African Communities With Kimbocare

African governments have much to gain by supporting private initiatives like KimboCare in promoting the United Nations’ sustainable goal of health and well-being. Through its vision and mission, KimboCare is aligned with this goal and encourages people to regain confidence in their healthcare system and adopt a more proactive approach to their personal health.

The African diaspora abroad also has everything to gain by supporting KimboCare. With our services, you are finally able to send the care your family desperately needs back home without all the hassles and scams associated with sending money. Together, let’s work towards a healthier future for our loved ones and the underprivileged around the world.


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