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April 17, 2022Send care not moneyKimboCare Content Team
2022-04-17T11:43:00.000Z2022-04-17T11:43:00.000ZAdopt preventive care, spend less on medical bills

3/6 Send Care, Not Money Series

In the second blog, you saw that it was now possible to send care to your loved ones when they need care (finally!). No need to continue sending money that ends up who knows where, and most certainly not really solving the real problem: access to quality care.

When we are the ones living abroad, in the US or Europe, we feel the duty to be present for our loved ones, however this does not have to be at the cost of our own well-being. Some of us work like dogs, borrow money or get ourselves sick because we want to be able to send that little money back home for care, and there is often no appreciation of all those efforts. Like Locko sings “you borrow, you borrow, but you don’t see the money… it’s always for everyone else, it’s always for everyone else oh”. Well, how about you start saving yourself some headache? Send care, don’t send money!

One thing that we learn from living abroad especially in developed countries is that without health, you’re headed nowhere. We also learn that long lasting health starts with basic preventive care. But well, most of the family back home does not know that and guess what? You can help, you can become the family champion for health education. How? Here are just a few ways you can purchase and offer KimboCare’s health credits to foster better health and brighter future for your loved ones back home: 

Vaccines or pediatrician visits for the children. 

Regular check-up visits to a good doctor to check vitals or chronic conditions for the parents and grandparents.

An annual visit to a competent gynecologist for the young women in the family.

A safe pregnancy for that female cousin for just a few hundredof euros / dollars over the course of the nine months.

And all that will be thanks to you, to your generosity and leadership. So, what are you waiting for?!

Download the KimboCare app today on App Store or Play Store and send care to someone you love. No need to break the bank, healthcare services through KimboCare are affordable to all.

PS: Digital trust starts with human trust - KimboCare has been recognized as a Top20 startup in digital trust by Switzerland based accelerator Trust Valley’s Tech4Trust.

Oh, I am not done yet; click here to continue with the series.

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