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April 22, 2022Send care not moneyKimboCare Content Team
2022-04-22T12:20:00.000Z2022-04-22T12:20:00.000ZAn insurance without the commitment to the monthly premiums

4/6 Send Care, Not Money Series

I hope you have enjoyed playing around with your new account on KimboCare. If you have not, don’t forget you can always connect with me on social media to provide feedback. I want to know what you think so we can do better!

With this article, I want to share with you a recent thought. Why would my loved ones not use the money for healthcare as they said they would when I send money?! We write about these issues and other topics related to care access for our families back home on our blog. Check out one of our most popular pieces on challenges of preventive care adoption in Africa!

KimboCare addresses those challenges with a digital health platform that funnels your financial support towards delivering quality healthcare services at thoroughly vetted medical partners. Your loved ones can use health credits only to access care, and nothing else, making you feel more confident that they will stay healthy or get better quickly if already sick. And if in truth, they ask for money but do not actually need the care, then you get to keep your health credits for the next person who will need your help. Isn’t that revolutionary?!

Moreover, when you decide to send health credits, you get to choose how often and how much you support them. If it’s a parent who needs to regularly fill up a prescription or a pregnant woman who needs frequent visits with an obstetrician, you can choose a monthly support. For something more punctual, you can offer a one-off support and adjust as you go. I tell you, it is that flexible! Some may say – it’s like an insurance without the commitment to the monthly premiums.

But don’t take my word for it. Our customers and patients rate KimboCare “Excellent” on Trustpilot, discover what they have to say about their experience.

If not yet, create your free account today and be the first to know about our latest articles and updates to the services. On the next piece in this series, we give you all the good reasons KimboCare is about to become your most favorite app. Check it out!

PS: Did you know? KimboCare is part of Microsoft's global program for startups and the winner of the healthcare innovation prize by the New York based Herbert & Audrey Rosenfield foundation.

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