(2) What happened to the money I sent?!

April 12, 2022Send care not moneyKimboCare Content Team
2022-04-12T11:33:00.000Z2022-04-12T11:33:00.000ZHelping a relative shoudn't take away your peace of mind

2/6 Send Care, Not Money Series

If you felt connected with the story that I shared with you about moving to Europe leaving the people I loved most behind, chances are that you care deeply about family and because you do, you might have found yourself sending money back home quite a few times over the past years for healthcare reasons.

A few years ago, a family member (call her Madi) had been feeling sick for a while and we would send money to help. However, the family would choose to use the money to seek some “care” but also cover unrelated expenses. As a result, they could never give a coherent view of the true expertise of doctors seen, issues diagnosed, or treatments prescribed including the risks of those treatments. Fast forward a few months, we got called again with an urgent request to send money - this time because Madi had been found unconscious and transported to ER. Now, we had to send thousands of euros / dollars to get her into the reanimation block and have her subsequently take several exams, which no doctors quite took the time to explain to the family present, let alone us far away. We had to bribe the doctors to get some indication of how she was doing and whether we were to be hopeful. Long story short, it did not end great.

Have you experienced any of this? How about we say, no more! We want you and anyone else to never have to go through such a level of frustration. That’s why we created KimboCare. KimboCare’s technology platform allows you to purchase cost-effective quality care for your loved ones.

You can wait until they urgently call you i.e., when care becomes a life threatening and expensive endeavor, to purchase treatment services for them…

…Or you can be proactive and purchase cheaper, preventive primary care services so they keep healthy.

The KimboCare platform also gives you the maximum level of transparency; you know your loved one is getting the best care possible and clear communication from the doctors is part of the process.

Ok enough reading. How about I take you on a tour to discover the KimboCare platform app.kimbocare.com for FREE? Yes it’s free, and it’s as fast as 30 seconds to create your account. Simply download our app from App Store and Google Play. As needed, check out our well-crafted user guide to get started.

Once your free account created, I’d love to hear your thoughts. But first, let’s go through some more of the story in the next article.

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