(5) But… What if no one is sick?!

April 27, 2022Send care not moneyKimboCare Content Team
2022-04-27T14:05:00.000Z2022-04-27T14:05:00.000ZKeeping your loved ones healthy is priceless

5/6 Send Care, Not Money Series

I want to take things to the next level. Have you heard about the saying “We’re all a patient in disguise.”? We are all patients - some prioritize preventive health and stay healthy, some don’t. You get to choose which way you want to go for you and your loved ones back home. Many of our patients report fewer doctor visits since consistently getting bi-annual health check-ups thanks to KimboCare’s health credits.

You already know it is completely FREE to explore the KimboCare platform and how simple it is to navigate. Let’s push the buttons a bit and get you to send care to someone you love? Don’t tell me no one is sick, that’s not the point. As you know, you can always offer a health check-up to keep your loved ones healthy. Isn’t that better than waiting until they get sick, call you urgently and get you worried to death again? I say it is, my friend.

This being said, I realize it sometimes takes some due diligence to feel confident switching from what you’re doing today to using a solution you have been waiting for the longest time (yes,we all have and you know it…). Let me address two of the most common questions and check out our detailed FAQ for more insights.

How does KimboCare benefit the customer?

By purchasing health credits, you send care. Your money is used to access care only, as planned. Plus, you know exactly where and how the care is delivered to your loved one.

How does KimboCare benefit the patient?

Your loved ones receive exceptional care in no time, delivered by thoroughly vetted doctors and pharmacists.

Be a Kimbo and start sending better healthcare to your loved ones back home today.

Now if you need a little bit of hand holding, I am here for you. Find me on the next story and I may even have a giveaway for you. Don’t forget, we’re building a new way to give, a new way to show our love to our relatives - and we’re in this together.

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