F. Angles, Advisory Board

Risk & Sustainability

Florence has been active in the field of risk management for almost 20 years.
Florence is currently Group Risk Manager for a private bank headquartered in Geneva. Its rich and varied expertise covers financial, operational, digital and regulatory risks. She has been very active in several initiatives in the areas of alternative investments, fintechs and technological innovations.

Why Kimbocare?
Innovation and sustainability are two key ingredients for the success of any company. I became interested in technological innovation and sustainable development, more particularly sustainable finance from 2013.
Convinced of Kimbocare’s potential, future and reach, I was very pleased to join the advisory board of this innovative start-up whose laudable objective is to improve health care in developing regions.

M. Tiambo, Advisory Board

Strategy & Change

Murielle has over 10 years of experience engaging with senior executives worldwide across various industries, including financial services and healthcare, to address diverse complex issues from articulating winning strategies through driving digital transformations to building agile organizations.
Murielle started her career as Strategic Projects analyst with Deutsche Bank Switzerland, where she co-founded the Women Diversity Network. Upon moving to NYC, she started engaging with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters to mentor young women from New York at-risk communities or PeaceQuilts to support women handicraft in developing countries or the Clean Water initiative for which she fundraised.

Why Kimbocare?
Through my volunteer pursuits, and experiences witnessing families and friends back in Africa struggling to gain timely access to decent health services and the financial implications thereof, it became apparent that no real empowerment could be achieved until access to better health was a given. On the other hand, I have constantly been exposed to members of the diaspora who have the fiercest desire to help loved ones and communities in need, yet doubt the money would be used to actually receive care. As a strategy consultant, my day-in-day-out focus has often consisted in working with clients to understand the most impactful technology trends and how they’re disrupting both the Payments and Healthcare industries. So very naturally, it became clear that now was the time to bring experience to work. The time for KimboCare, a tech enabled platform that brings tangible impact to people’s lives and empowers them to own their tomorrow.

A. Sultana, Advisory Board

Strategy & Operations

Anjum Sultana is a speaker and writer on topics of health equity, gender equality and public policy, speaking across Canada and globally. She currently serves as Director of Public Policy & Strategic Communications at YWCA Canada, the nation’s oldest and largest women’s serving organization. Anjum is a Founder of Millennial Women in Policy, a community of practice that connects nearly 2000 people working in policy across North America and Europe in civil society, politics, private sector and public service.
Anjum serves on numerous healthcare research and policy related boards such as the Toronto Environmental Alliance, and served as a Canadian Delegate at the 2019 G7 Youth Summit in Paris, France. Previously, Anjum was Executive Director of IMAGINE, an interprofessional medical clinic and health promotion initiative affiliated with the University of Toronto. Anjum holds a Masters of Public Health from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.

Why Kimbocare?
As a Strategic Advisor to KimboCare, I bring 10 years of experience in health care research, public policy and strategic communications. I am proud to be part of the KimboCare community and excited by the incredible potential our platform offers for the empowerment of women and their families. I see in KimboCare an effective catalyst in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal on Good Health and Wellbeing.

F. Tiambo, Executive Team

Strategy & Operations

Franck is a senior consultant in risk management with deep experience working closely with clients in small to large companies to address financial and operational risks. As an actuary by background, Franck has a real interest in improving medical coverage and financing health plans for low-income populations.

Why Kimbocare?
KimboCare is the result of challenges that I personally faced when attempting to give back to communities back home. While hitting the ground meeting patients, charities and practicians, it was clear in my mind that KimboCare will be the accelerator in this complex ecosystem.
KimboCare ensures better access to healthcare services to patients, gives better opportunities to well educated physicians to make a living with dignity and finally KimboCare helps you make the impact that matters the most to you.

Marc-Arthur Gaulithy

Regional Expert

Marc-Arthur Gaulithy is a specialist in pharmaco-economics, strategic innovation and business development in the healthcare sector. Based in Ivory Coast, his work focuses on the West African sub-region. He started his career over a decade ago, teaching clinical pharmacology. He then became a market entry expert for various companies in the domain of healthcare and life sciences, holding positions that afforded him regional coverage for various companies.
Dr. Marc-Arthur Gaulithy is also an eclectic serial entrepreneur. It has two active companies with one operating in the field of engineering and healthcare equipment, as well as a contemporary art label. His humanistic values ​​make him someone very committed to the communities in which he operates, regularly engaging on entrepreneurship, leadership and change management issues.

Why Kimbocare?
My interest in KimboCare is two-fold. On one hand, the initiative is in line with my field of doctoral research in management science. I’m working on the issues of strategic innovation with regard to digitization of the health sector in Africa.
On the other hand and above all, Kimbocare is a platform that brings an innovative way to bridge the gap, both technological and social, in the funding for healthcare services across the continent.
I am very happy to be part of this adventure, which I believe, will deliver lasting benefits to our communities. I am looking forward to contributing years of experience in diverse fields across health and the digital economy.