Our vision

KimboCare’s vision is a world in which access to healthcare and well-being is a reality for all.

Our mission

We believe true financial empowerment starts with the ability to live healthier lives. We are united through our aim to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals by promoting community health, well-being, and gender equality.

Our mission is to empower vulnerable populations, especially women and children, to have access to quality care and live healthier, longer.

Our digital health platform enables philanthropists to donate “health credits” for patients to access quality care at highly experienced medical providers, while maintaining high standards of transparency and security. Our innovative blockchain-enabled concept “health credits” is a token enabling a secured and transparent, layered process between a philanthropist, a medical service provider, and a patient.


KimboCare enables philanthropists and highly experienced healthcare practitioners to give at-risk populations the gift of health, empowering them to attend to their day-to-day needs more effectively.

Born in the most trusted laboratories based out of EPFL Innovation Park​ in Lausanne, KimboCare brings talented technology, business and healthcare professionals together to build a digital platform that enables delivery of exceptional care, end-to-end transparency, and high standards of security.

Our efforts have earned us recognition as ”Global Top 25 Startup” by the international digital health accelerator ​Galen Growth. We also benefit from the support and trust of organisations such as ​TrustValley’s Tech4Trust​, ​Genilem​ and ​FIT​.