Vision & Aim

KimboCare’s vision is to enable better health and well-being for the true empowerment of financially underserved communities.

We are united through our aim to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals by promoting community health, well-being, and gender equality. We connect philanthropists and highly experienced healthcare practitioners to enhance access to healthcare for vulnerable populations, especially for women and children. KimboCare brings its innovative blockchain-enabled concept “Health Credits” – a token enabling a secured and transparent, layered process between a philanthropist, a medical service provider, and a patient – to enhance healthcare funding and access to quality care while maintaining high standards of transparency for all users.

Advisory Board

M. Tiambo
co-Founder, Business development
F. Angles
Risk & Sustainability
Adam LG Ring
Business Development
A. Sultana
Strategy & Healthcare policy
Marc-Arthur Gaulithy
Digital health

Executive Team

F. Tiambo
co-Founder & CEO
Alexis Koalla
Regional Technology Officer