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You want to send health credits to a relative in Ivory Coast or to Cameroon?
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Or you want to receive health credits? Invite your relative (in Ivory Coast and elsewhere) to visit to send you health credits.
KimboCare allows you to buy health credits that your loved ones can use in renowned clinics. The health credits can only be used for the health care of your loved ones and are immediately available.

Patients are at the heart of the KimboCare system.

  1. Patients receive their health credits immediately on their mobile phone and can go directly to the clinic selected by KimboCare.
  2. Patients are responsible for their care pathway and can assess the quality of service of their care pathway (Welcome and Hospitality, Understanding of the pathology and associated treatment).
  3. Patients will have full access to their medical records and will choose which physician will have access to the medical record.
  4. Other very useful features will be developed with patient queries.

KimboCare provides several practical services to the person purchasing the health credits including full transparency on the use of the health credits, flexibility and support for your beneficiaries in renowned clinics.

You will find below the indicative list of medical services included in the proposed modules:
Module 1: Simple consultation (30 health credits) History, physical examination, constants, control of medical reports, and first diagnosis or simple follow-up at maturity.
Module 2: Specialist consultation (50 health credits) After the visit of the general practitioner, after the first emergency report, specialist care for a second opinion (surgical, medical, or psychiatric).
Module 3: Preliminary medical analysis (30 health credits) Biological analysis (blood, urine, stool, sputum), basic monitoring, basic ultrasound.
Module 4: Advanced medical analysis (50 health credits) Specific biological analysis, standard medical imaging other than conventional radiology and ultrasound.
Module 5: Medical imaging (100 health credits) Conventional radiology, imaging, MRI, arteriography, advanced ultrasound examinations.
Module 6: Drugs (50 health credits)

A health credit is a prepaid medical service purchased for someone in need of healthcare financial support. Do not hesitate to discuss with your loved one to identify the right module to offer. KimboCare suggests you start with a simple consultation (Module 1). This will give you the overall status and the recommendations for additional care if necessary.

The value of one health credit depends on the currency that you are using to purchase. For instance, if your currency is EUR, One health credit is equivalent to 1 euro. See the fee schedule as mentioned on the site. Medical coverage will only be provided up to the number of health credits purchased.

During the pilot phase, medical centres will be added progressively. Use our contact form if your country / city is not in the list displayed. The contact details of the clinic will be sent by email after the order. Our medical partners are renowned clinics.

The partner medical facilities have been selected after a very rigorous scientific procedure in accordance with the national and international standards in force. The KimboCare care network is set to grow progressively. A list of the medical facilities that are currently members of the KimboCare network can be found in the section: partner medical facilities.

During the pilot phase, the following medical services will be available:

Module Covid-19: Online self check of Covid-19 (Free of charge)
Module 1: Simple consultation (30 health credits)
Module 2: Specialist consultation (50 health credits)
Module 3: Preliminary Medical Analysis (30 health credits)
Module 4: Advanced Medical Analysis (50 health credits)
Module 5: Medical Imaging (100 health credits)
Module 6: Drugs (50 health credits)

Medical services such as surgery and more expensive treatments are not covered at this stage.

Yes, you can do that through Module 7 when you order.