How to embrace Covid-19 this holiday

This year has been unique in thousands of ways. Overnight, we’ve gone fully digital, we’ve learned to lead differently, we’ve embraced virtual dating like never before, we’ve enjoyed seeing tremendous gestures of solidarity and creativity to serve the most vulnerable. We’ve learned to appreciate the simplest things and discovered new hobbies. We’ve even learned to thrive through extended times of isolation, but I always hoped that I would gather with loved ones as we had always done when December would come around. The year end is a time we come together as a family, cook together, appreciate how much the younger ones have grown and the older ones have accomplished, get into unstoppable moments of laugh, dance to new songs or think of all the ways we can expand our efforts to enhance millions of lives with KimboCare. You get it – it’s an amazing time of sharing and gratitude.

It appears, with the long lasting coronavirus pandemic and all the restrictions imposed by major airlines and the different countries around the world, that we may forgo our traditional Christmas and New Year gatherings and let Zoom find its way in as this year’s special guest.

How do you make this promising-to-be-different holiday, warm and family time rich?

For starters, get creative with virtual gatherings:

  • Play games! Our current favorite is “the pandemic trivia, what I learned about myself”, which you can play with family and friends. For example, I found out that I could take in a full episode of the Walt Disney Television show The Bachelor and actually learn quite a few things. I also discovered a profound love for classical style, Chopin. With thousands of free games online, you have plenty of other options to try out – from Bingo to HeadsUp to watching a comedian together.
  • Throw a virtual dance party! Yes, it’s possible and it’s fun, and kids love it. You are of the millions on the planet who have missed shaking it off since March and you just can’t allow it to happen this holiday? Use this simple guide to turn your space into your own private dance floor and get your Zoom friends to join you! Depending on your interests, you may even turn this into a Christmas baking party.

If on the other end, you are of the lucky people who have loved ones living just a stone throw away, and you’re craving in-person activities, who can blame you? Most humans are not wired to live isolated lives; the pandemic and the multiple lockdowns have definitely helped us further come to that realization.

How do you increase your chances of spending a safe and pleasant year end holiday?

  • First off, keep close to what brings you fulfillment! The year end is a great time to reflect and revive traditions – feel the warmth of Christmas concerts (churches are open!) or express yourself in decorating for the holidays. I could not describe the enlightenment when I turned on the lights after decorating my home just a few days ago… It was my first time ever and more importantly, I loved that I could get this family tradition going for myself despite the current conditions.
  • Limit in-person gatherings to people you already live with e.g., the big Christmas and New Year meals. More intimacy and yummy food for everyone!
  • Prioritize meeting outdoors with people you do not already live with; consider daily temperature taking or getting covid-tested if visiting for extended times (e.g., multiple days).
  • Whatever you do, get the basics right! Have your guests wash their hands with soap or hand sanitizer (and don’t feel bad about it) and wear masks if it feels safer, especially in the presence of elderly and at-risk people.

Covid-19 may feel like history in parts of the world (e.g., select Africa regions), but it remains a threat with close to 80 million cases in a rather connected world. Therefore, I believe it’s safer to remain vigilant. Depending on where you are in the world, pick and choose from those tips or share in the comments ways you’re going around covid-19 to make this holiday another beautiful and memorable time.

If you want to push the safety a notch and put your holiday gift budget to work, try KimboCare’s health credits – A new way to give. From anywhere in the world, you can offer a loved one the gift of health, a preventive “health check-up” and it’s all digital!

Stay in good health. Happy holidays!!

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