Marc-Arthur Gaulithy

Digital health

Marc-Arthur Gaulithy is a specialist in pharmaco-economics, strategic innovation and business development in the healthcare sector. Based in Ivory Coast, his work focuses on the West African sub-region. He started his career over a decade ago, teaching clinical pharmacology. He then became a market entry expert for various companies in the domain of healthcare and life sciences, holding positions that afforded him regional coverage for various companies.
Dr. Marc-Arthur Gaulithy is also an eclectic serial entrepreneur. It has two active companies with one operating in the field of engineering and healthcare equipment, as well as a contemporary art label. His humanistic values ​​make him someone very committed to the communities in which he operates, regularly engaging on entrepreneurship, leadership and change management issues.

Why Kimbocare?
My interest in KimboCare is two-fold. On one hand, the initiative is in line with my field of doctoral research in management science. I’m working on the issues of strategic innovation with regard to digitization of the health sector in Africa.
On the other hand and above all, Kimbocare is a platform that brings an innovative way to bridge the gap, both technological and social, in the funding for healthcare services across the continent.
I am very happy to be part of this adventure, which I believe, will deliver lasting benefits to our communities. I am looking forward to contributing years of experience in diverse fields across health and the digital economy.