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Purchase quality medical for your loved ones back home and track their care journey on our platform. With KimboCare, you keep your family healthy from anywhere, anytime. No money transfer needed.

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Family means everything

When they're healthy,
you fell happier

You feel it twice, you worry

When they don’t
feel well

Send care

Be there for them
the best way possible,
even when you’re afar

Know that they’re healthy

Keep yourself happy with

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Hassle-free, exceptionalcare experience

Ease of use, hassle-free

No need to spend hours asking around for suggestions.
We take the guesswork away from you.

Immediate access to exceptional care

A network of carefully selected, accountable medical partners delivers good quality care.
No wait time.


Save more with KimboCare.
Every Kimbo you donate is used to provide the bast care at the best rate possible.


You know your money is used to access care and we keep you informed along the way.
No more scam.

Safe and secure platform

Data is protected through advanced encryption protocols and you have access control.

They trust KimboCare

Winner Of 2021 Herbert &
Audrey Rosenfield Foundation
Prize For Social Impact

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